I stepped out of my comfort zone and allowed myself to be videoed while being cupped.  You may be familiar with the term but not understand what it means.  The art of cupping has been around for centuries but it had it's Olympic moment last year in Rio when the marks cupping leaves was seen on Michael Phelps, the decorated US Olympic swimmer.

While talking with Michelle Wall, owner of Infinity Massage & Wellness at 4897 Miller Trunk Hwy, Suite 200 in Hermantown, we found that it increases blood flow and can break up scar tissue and knots in your muscles.  I have had a curiosity about cupping and asked Michelle to demonstrate.  I carry a lot of stress in my neck and back from, well work demands, being hunched over a computer for most of the day and training for the half marathon (while being hugely out of shape).  It really wasn't that uncomfortable and it really made a difference in the mobility of my neck and back.  Although, you do need to plan accordingly as I had the marks from the cups for a good week afterwards, however every"body" is different in that regards.

If that intrigues you, Infinity Massage & Wellness has other unique services like Raindrop Therapy, Hot Stone massage and Ear Candling.

Warning:  Video may be considered somewhat graphic.

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