The BEST massage I have EVER had!  I had the opportunity to experience Michelle Wall Massage Therapy before it was available with Seize the Deal.  You need to do this for yourself, of course, it makes a great gift too.

Think about it, you always do for others, never taking time out for yourself.  If you've never had a massage before, Michelle Wall Massage Therapy is the place to go.   She will put your mind at ease, while she eases your tense, tight, aching muscles.

If you have experienced massage before, this will be a whole new experience for you.  She's different than the others.  She has cushions you lay on, while you're on the table.  It was SO much more comfortable, especially if you're a woman.  She found muscles I didn't even KNOW were sore.  In fact, did you know that you can have your jaw muscles massaged?  I'm a talker (I talked through almost my entire massage!)  When I told her my jaw was sore, she showed me why and massaged the tension right out!  We discussed my lifestyle and what parts of my body I thought she should work on, but when we got into the actual massage, she found muscles that needed attention, that I didn't even know existed.  I have total trust in Michelle, after all, she has 16 years of experience!

Her personality is the best, I left her Suite on the 2nd floor of the Gordy's Farm Market building feeling like I had a new friend in my life.  One that I will definitely be back to see soon!  I Seized the Deal, you should too.  Do it for yourself and experience a feeling of relaxation you deserve!

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