The Academy Awards over for another year, but this video that Jimmy Kimmel did with some Academy Award talent still makes me laugh.

Following the Academy Awards each year, Jimmy Kimmel introduces videos starring big stars that he hopes will go viral.  This year, he decided to do several videos where the artists would play characters from recent viral videos.

This brings me to my favorite, 'Ameowadeus', where actor Kevin Spacey plays the 'Keyboard Cat' and he's joined by other 'A' list talent playing characters like the 'Hampster On A Piano'.

To really find this the most enjoyable, I will first refresh your memory on some of the videos they are referring to.

First, here's 'Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat'



Now, the legendary 'Hampster On A Piano'


And for good measure, the 'Scary Chipmunk'



Now that you're familiar with some of the players, enjoy this funny spoof of Amadeus.



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