Morgan Wallen's album 'Dangerous' was a monster seller and still is. It was the first ever county music album that went for 7 weeks at number one on the Billboard Top 200. It also went for another three weeks at number 1 before finally being dethroned by Justin Bieber. That's impressive. Yes, he's had some controversial things in his life that he is working on, so he's taken some time away from the spotlight. As it is his 28 birthday today, I thought it would be fitting to look back on what I feel are the best songs on his Dangerous Album.

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To be clear, none of the songs are bad. These are just the ones that I tend to turn up and became instant hits in my eyes.

Best Songs On Morgan Wallen's Dangerous Album

Morgan Wallen's Dangerous Album has set some sales records even amid the controversy earlier this year. I've listened to the album many times. There isn't really a song I don't like on the album. They are all pretty good, but there are some that really stand out.

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