If you are in the mood for a career change, or looking for a job, you might want to take on long look into these 12 professions before working in the field.  While I think anyone with passion can be successful in whatever they set their mind to do, this is an interesting article.  Here are the 12 most overrated jobs:

Advertising Account Executive

Income Average: $62,105

An advertising account executive "negotiates to procure accounts, and supervises advertising campaigns for products, companies, and organizations," according to CareerCast.com.

The executive earns an average annual salary of $62,105 for these services, but the position has several overrated factors, including "high stress, weak hiring demand, and an unstable economy," according to the job search site

Income Average: $40,184

Flight Attendant

In a less enlightened era, flight attendants were known as "stewardesses." But times have changed, and a vocation once solely populated by pretty young women now is practiced by people of both genders and all age groups.

The average salary of a flight attendant is $40,184 -- a not-so-sky-high compensation that's slightly lower than the national average. Flight attendants also have to endure long and exhausting hours, cramped working conditions, and occasionally rude customers -- making the behavior of former Jet Blue employee Steven Slater, who used profanity, and an emergency slide, to escape a customer dispute, somewhat more understandable.

Income Average: $40,209


Photojournalists take pictures for news outlets, which requires them to travel and document events in real time. For the average person, who slaves away at a repetitive and unchallenging desk job, that life must seem like an exciting adventure.

The job requirements of a photojournalist, however, might convince desk dwellers to stay put. Photojournalists are required to travel to where the action is and take pictures, sometimes in extremely hazardous locations ravaged by war, earthquakes, and radiation. Then, they have to deal with the stress of meeting a deadline. For risking their lives to get some good pictures, a photojournalist earns an average salary of $40,209.
Income Average: $40,357

Real-Estate Agent

Americans purchasing a new home will frequently do so through a real-estate agent. The agent acts as a liaison between the buyer and the seller of the property, with the ultimate goal of negotiating a price on which both the seller and the buyer can agree.

The average salary for a real-estate agent is $40,357. Anyone wishing to become an agent in the U.S. has to earn a license, and the time and cost associated with accomplishing that may give pause. CareerCast.com describes this job as overrated due to the decrease in activity that the profession has undergone since the housing crisis began.


Income Average: $67,470

It's impossible to walk into a convenience store to buy a bottle of water, a lottery ticket, and 100 shares of stock in Groupon. While many self-directed investors choose to buy and sell stocks online on their own through discount websites such as ETRADE.com, many people instead choose to consult a stockbroker, who coordinates the sale of these and other securities.

The average annual salary of a stockbroker is $67,470, according to CareerCast.com. The primary stressor that makes the job overrated is the burden of being responsible for the financial well-being of multiple clients. This holds particularly true in today's volatile and unpredictable stock market.

via 12 Most Overrated Jobs | Power Your Future - Yahoo! Finance.

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