We all know and love Target. In fact, Minnesotans are known for their love of Target! They showed customers some love right back recently, emailing their most dedicated customers about some recent scam tactics.

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I got an email in my inbox late last month that really caught my attention. The email title referenced keeping your account safe so naturally, I clicked on it to see if something had happened. It turns out they just wanted to offer up customers some tips on protecting their information.

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The scams seem never-ending these days, with a new one seemingly popping up every single day. Target offered a few simple tips to avoid becoming victims of any Target-related scams that might pop up in the future.

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Target Scam Tip #1: Be Cautious Of Requests

It's a tale as old as time. Target reminds everyone that they will not ask you for personal information in any way shape or form, whether related to your personal information or your RedCard account. This includes calling, emailing or texting. They won't ask for your personal information so if you get a text or email asking for it, it's fake.

Tero Vesalainen
Tero Vesalainen

Target Scam Tip #2

Phone scams are also extremely common these days, with scammers spoofing a number so it looks like someone from Target is really calling you! They use this ruse to pressure and scare information out of you. Target won't call you for any reason so if you get a call supposedly from Target, it's fake.


Target Scam Tip #3

Email scams are just as common and Target is warning consumers to be alert for any emails claiming to be from the corporation. If you get an email from Target, make sure it is legitimate before clicking any links. Look at the full URL. If it looks odd, it's a scam.

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Target Scam Tip #4

Last but not least, Target urges consumers to use a strong password for your Target Circle or RedCard account. Make sure it is different from any of your other accounts and that it is strong and complicated.

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I love Target but don't really know the policies of different places so I would not think twice about Target calling or emailing about information! Target says to reach out to them at abuse@target.com if you get a scam call or text and always opt out of giving any information until you verify the source is actually Target.

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