Venezuelan President Chavez Thinks US Caused His Cancer
Yeah, that's what I thought too.  Weird, right?  When I first saw the headline I thought this must be a joke.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said recently that he finds it strange that several Latin American leaders have developed cancer in the recent years...
New Shocking Warning Labels To Appear On Cigarette Packs
A while back, the FDA was granted permission from President Obama to further control the warning messages and labeling on cigarette packs.  They could be taking effect soon, and some of them are pretty shocking images.  The FDA is hoping that this will convince and help push smokers to qui…
Cell Phone Study Warns Of Cancer
Are you really surprised?  I guess we can add this to the list of things we do that could kill us.
A respected international panel of scientists says cell phones are possible cancer-causing agents, putting them in the same category as the pesticide DDT, gasoline engine exhaust and coffee.
The classifi…