The goal?  To eliminate the need for cancer research and celebrate more birthdays.  How?  By conducting a cancer prevention study that could prevent cancer in future generations.  I looked into it and found that it's easy, painless and will be part of history.  We all know someone that has been diagnosed with cancer, we have the researchers, we have the technology, now we need to gather the data and use our knowledge to stop cancer for good.  Will you join me and register to participate?

If you could prevent even one person from hearing the words, “you have cancer,” wouldn't you?  You can, by participating in the American Cancer Society Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3).  They are currently enrolling participants, I just signed up and you can too!

Bless them for their continued dedication researching today for a cancer-free tomorrow. The first Cancer Prevention Study helped link tobacco use to cancer. The 2nd Cancer Prevention Study linked diet and exercise to preventing certain types of cancers.

It takes a lot of bodies, over 200,000 participants from across the U.S. to help researchers find links to fight this disease and help prevent cancer for future generations so that your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews won’t be diagnosed either. Finding a cure for cancer isn’t just up to researchers, we all can do our part in this nationwide study. What if your involvement, and that research, ultimately leads to the elimination of cancer as a major health problem for this and future generations? Wouldn't that be cool?  Please consider taking part in this historic study, like I am and share this message with others you know who want to join in this fight.

It’s simple,the enrollment process involves 2 steps, one is in person and one at home and both are pretty easy.  They are looking for another 100 people within our region!