Today I found myself at Taco Johns searching the menu for something to eat.   The "New Sante Fe Burrito" jumped out at me and it looked good, so I ordered it up.  I was surprised.

So going on my normal rating formula, we'll go through it for the proper scoring.

First off, I'll have to put a disclaimer here.    Chipotle burrito's are one of my favorite foods ever.   So it's hard for me not to compare to chipotle.

Here's a breakdown of what exactly I got:  Large Sante Fe Burrito with shredded beef.  Medium combo (potato ole's and drink.)   Total was $11.32.  (not cheap!)

Presentation:  It comes in a foil wrap, much like any other burrito you get.  It's a burrito, not anything special so i can't really take away any points for the simple presentation.  I'll give it a 4 by default.

Taste:  It's probably the best thing I've had on the Taco John menu.  I had the medium chiptole salsa.   It was pretty darn good, I'll have to admit.  And the large was very filling, so it get's a solid 4.

Quantity:  5  Very filling burrito.   Remember, I got the big size.  They also offer a smaller burrito or the less filling less calorie bowl.

Value: I have a hard time paying over $10 for a lunch item.  I paid $11.32 The price for the combo seemed steep, but if you take into account that you also get potato ole's (which are awesome) and a drink it's not so bad.  I still have a hard time calling this a value though, considering you can get an authentic burrito meal at a sit down restaurant for the same price or cheaper.  That's why I'll only give this a 3.

Final score out of 20 possible points:  16

Like I said earlier, it's hard for me not to compare to Chipotle brand burritos.   But I will say this is probably the next best thing, and next time I'm at Taco John's I may order it again.

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