Warning, this is obviously swearing.  AJ Clemente got his first job on and his first words were "F--g --S---t.'  Oops.  I feel so bad for this guy.  What he said was obviously wrong, and I don't blame the station for immediately firing him.  But here's a guy who has worked to get to this point at the very start of his career and it all goes up in smoke.  He was even mocked on Letterman.  What a disaster.

As a broadcaster, I can say I've slipped on air before.  The worst I ever said though was D*mn it!  Nothing that you don't see on primetime tv.  However, we are taught to always assume the microphone is live.  There are so many buttons to push, and multiple ways for your voice to leak over the air.  You can even have faulty equipment at times.  it's not hard to do.

He obviously was nervous, and when he realized they were on the air, you can see it in his face.  I would have been stumbling too if I had realized everyone had just heard what I had said.  In fact, I probably would have sworn again.


Then, the remaning anchor Van Tieu started off the next newscast with an apology.


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