You can't help but laugh.

Jimmy Fallon had some fun at the expense of the FOX 21 team this week after a little awkward banter regarding ties. Yes, ties.

Dan Hanger, along with fellow anchors Nikki Davidson and Sam Ali, started talking about ties in a game and then the conversation quickly made its way to talking about neck ties and bow ties. Things then took an unintentionally hilarious and inappropriate turn.

Watch the video below and see for yourself:

I used to be on television and I can't begin to tell you all the awkward things I would say every single day. There was a time I tripped while I was doing the weather that really sticks out in my mind. There were also times I would forget to turn my mic off and say things over the air on accident or have laughing fits that couldn't be controlled. Live television is a beast and you never know what could happen!

The good thing is these anchors seem to have funny personalities and handled it in the best and most professional way.

Plus, when Jimmy Fallon knows who you are, you win. (We think he really loves Minnesotans.)

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