Ask pretty much anybody and they will tell you as a general rule that towns in Wisconsin have more bars than churches and they are probably right. Growing up outside of Milwaukee in the suburbs during the height of all the breweries in town Milwaukee was known as the beer capitol of the world and it flowed freely. But there is also this sense of pride among some Wisconsin residents that they are a hearty bunch that drink anyone under the table.

Living in the Twin Ports their is a palpable competition if you will, between residents in Duluth and Superior. For the most part it is a friendly rivalry, but ask anyone from Duluth or anywhere in the Northland on the Minnesota side and they will most likely tell you they go to Superior for many things but usually to hit the bars.

When I went to school In Winona Minnesota which believe me is a little party town in itself, go over the bridge to LaCrosse Wisconsin and it is a whole different game. You literally would die of alcohol poisoning to even attempt a bar crawl in that city. Granted it is a lot bigger than say Winona, but it is definitely known as a party town.

24/7 Wall St. identified the 50 drunkest counties in the United States out of 3,106 counties in all. "In every county on the list, more than one in four adults drinks excessively. Nationwide, fewer than one in five adults drinks excessively. "

As you can see from the map above almost the whole entire state of Wisconsin is covered with a healthy portion in North Western Wisconsin. So what county is it in Minnesota? Le Seur County which is South Central Minnesota. Douglas County ranked #29 in the survey with 27.5% of adults admitting to binge or heavy drinking.

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Now Minnesota is not all that innocent. According to Bring Me The News: In  2019, 60.5% of adults said they drank alcohol and 20.7% of adults reporting they binge drank, giving Minnesota one of the highest binge drinking rates in the nation that year, the Minnesota Department of Health says.

I personally believe that the numbers are actually way higher than this. I would assume most people would not admit to being a binge drinker no matter what state they live in. Either way all state rivalry aside this is one statistic I think very few people would want to hang on to for bragging rights.

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