Ken & Lauren Try The $1 Margaritas At Applebee's
Applebee's is having a $1 margarita promotion all October. That's really cheap, considering margaritas are normally at least 5 dollars. Lauren and I both love margaritas, so we decided to try them for ourselves to see if they could be any good.
Easy Old Fashioned Recipe You Can Make Without A Full Bar
A few years ago I tried an old fashioned at the bar for the first time.  It was an upscale place, and I felt funny ordering my normal diet coke and whiskey combo.  I fell in love with the old fashioned right off the bat.  And it's not because I watch mad men either, although that has begun a bit of …
Bud Light Lime -A- Rita Product Review
I was at the Shack Liquor Store on my remote broadcast last Friday and something new caught my eye.  It's called Bud Light Lime-A-Rita.  It's basically a margarita in a can.  It's a malt beverage designed to taste like a margarita.  Could this possibly be the econo…
Drinks Your Kids Should Avoid
I brought Sam to his yearly check up and as we always do, the doctor and I talked about some things that are good for Sam now that he is growing and some things that I should now limit.
I found out Milk is good for you, but in moderation. Water is always the best and first choice. Sam likes to drink …