It's been a little over a month since the Husky Refinery fire in Superior.

The fire and explosion happened in late April of this year. It is a day many in the Northland will never forget.

Several people were sent to the hospital and the city of Superior went into evacuation mode, having to leave their homes overnight until the area could be contained.

Smoke advisories were issued for parts of Duluth and St. Louis County. Some cars saw damage.

No matter where you were that day, everyone has a different and important story to tell.

That's why students at Superior Middle School teamed up for a special project. One class is sharing their stories about what they went through that day, from before the incident to the following day when things eventually calmed down.

Each student individually recorded themselves explaining what they experienced and we were lucky enough to have their teacher reach out and help get these stories heard.

We received so many and you can look for those in the coming weeks. To hear one student's point of view, watch the video above.

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