The observance of the Memorial Day holiday will bring changes to the garbage collection schedule for residents of Superior.  And while our weather might make you pause as to what season we're in, those changes shouldn't come as a surprise to most - the city offices usually close to recognize holidays.

For Memorial Day 2022, the offices in the City of Superior - including the Public Works Department and the municipal landfill - will be closed on Monday, May 30. The holiday closure will also include the Municipal Landfill off of Moccasin Mike Road.

All garbage services the week of May 30-June 3 will be on an accelerated schedule. Monday pickups will not occur and those residents are requested to have their garbage out to the usual pickup area by early Tuesday morning. All other residents can just place their garbage dumpster out to the usual spot on the usual day - however, they're cautioned that there may be delays as the crews work to make up time from the Monday holiday.

Recycling for the City of Superior is handled by Hartels/DBJ. Recycling during the Memorial Day holiday week will be delayed by one day. For recycling questions, call Hartels/DBJ directly: 218-729-5446.

Residents who are unsure of what days their garbage or recyclables are picked up - or all other questions related to the subject, can primarily be found on the City of Superior's website; there is a special landing page designed to provide all of that information. There are also details about how you can request an additional cart or put in a request for a cart repair.

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