It's been an interesting few months as we all hunker down at home, work remotely and adapt to a new daily routine in an effort to slow and stop the spread of COVID-19. 

A recent study says living in Minnesota makes it hard to social distance. Why? Because we are social by nature. The study found that we love to volunteer, travel, spend money on tourism and hang out outside. Looking at the facts, it makes sense why we were named one of the hardest states to social distance in.

However, we are also one of the most beautiful (if not the most beautiful) states with endless places to get out and explore. Therefore, looking at the big picture, I have to disagree that social distancing here is hard.

We are the Land of 10,000 Lakes which speaks for itself. Now that the weather is nice, we can get out fishing or on a boat (while staying six feet apart from others). We can also take advantage of all the beauty the Northland has to offer from the North Shore to Canal Park and everywhere in between.

If anything, we are lucky in Minnesota to have all the beauty that we do and this is the perfect time to get out explore that - while staying safe and maintaining the required distance, of course.

So yes, while we are social by nature and love to get out and volunteer and travel, we are afforded an opportunity many other states are not - a ton of outdoor options to explore and get some fresh air. In fact, the options are almost endless.

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