I shared a story that got quite a bit of attention back in October last year. I saw a UFO. I never claimed to understand what it was I saw. I didn't even call it an extraterrestrial encounter. It was just something weird in the sky, and I shared my experience.

In the coming weeks I had dozens of calls and messages from other people in the Northland who shared some weird things they have seen in the sky. There's a ton of stories, and people are finally starting to feel more comfortable coming forward. Heck, the government has even acknowledged that they've chased UFOs or unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAPs) as they call them.

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Early in the morning of Monday July 13, 2020 a friend of mine messaged me some pictures of strange lights that appeared over Lake Superior. It was spotted from downtown area of Duluth.  At first he thought it may have been the Neowise comet, but even with it being more visible in our area lately, this light was described as being as bright as the moon. Also, from our location the comet would be in the Northwestern sky, and this object appeared in the Northeastern sky.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

The object didn't move, but it was there for a long time before fading away when the sun comes up. Was this actually something high up in the sky, or was this something that the atmosphere was magnifying? Some astronomers have been saying that you can actually spot some of the planets before sunrise in the next week with your naked eye. Could this by chance be Venus? Maybe, but without seeing it first hand and having coordinates, I wouldn't be able to verify. It's hard to believe though that Venus would be bright enough to show up on a phone camera. For reference, the following picture is of the moon the same night. So you can see how bright the picture above is in relation to the moon below.

moon over lake superior

Still, if this was a planet, this doesn't explain the other weird sightings that have been shared with me in the past. Just about a month ago another person I trust reported that they had seen a UFO in the early hours of the morning over Lake Superior near Two Harbors. They describe it as a beam of light and then an object taking off at an insane speed. There were two witnesses and they both were left shook after the incident.

There has been speculation in the UFO community that large bodies of water may attract UFOs. Many sightings appear to come from oceans or in this case a Great Lake. Some even speculate that these objects may hide submerged in the water. Really, that's a pretty good hiding spot.

So next time you're up at night, take a look to the skies over Lake Superior, you may just see something.

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