There is a labor shortage everywhere these days but it's especially true in law enforcement.  A variety of factors have left open spots to fill for many agencies - both nationally and locally. That's why a recent announcement about scholarships for law enforcement students should help.

A consortium of interested parties comprise the Minnesota Sheriff's Association (MSA) - which encompasses the 87 Sheriff's of the State of Minnesota.  Included in that group is St. Louis County Sheriff Ross Litman, who is encouraging law enforcement students to take advantage of the money being offered to them.

A total of 15 scholarships are up for grabs for currently-enrolled students in the law enforcement field.  Each of these scholarships is valued at $2,000.

Students would need to be enrolled in one of the following programs:

  • Mandated POST Skills Program
  • 2nd year of a two-year law enforcement program
  • 3rd or 4th year of a four-year college criminal justice program

Applications for the 15 available scholarships are easy to obtain.  Interested applicants can pick up the scholarship packet from the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office in Duluth, Virginia, or Hibbing.  You can also obtain one online at  No matter which option you choose, the deadline is November 19 to get the packet and application filled out and submitted.

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That $2,000 scholarship amount represents a dramatic increase from the dollars that were available in years past.  In previous years, the MSA offered $600 scholarships to enrolled law enforcement students.  The increase came as a recognition of "the importance of pre-entry training for people considering law enforcement as their career choice, and the understan[ing] that some students need outside help in meeting the costs of such training, even though they excel academically".

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The final selection process will be made to include "representation from all geographic areas of the state".  Final determination of the scholarships will be announced by December 28.

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