Guess what?  You'll read this, people will remind you and you'll STILL be early for everything you do this Sunday until you realize it's Daylight Saving Time!  I do the same thing when it's a holiday and I tell everyone there is no mail delivery.  First thing I do when I get home from work is walk to the mailbox, do the happy dance because we got no mail, (which means no bills), then realize my error and the fact that the bills are just being held for a day, I'll see them tomorrow!

Since we're losing an hour, you'll have a groggy, caffeine laden Sunday.  But, we must follow suit as you will not survive in society showing up to movies, dates, meetings and work an hour late until next daylight saving time when we fall back an hour.

BE CAREFUL!  Studies show that not only does it = loss of sleep, but it also increases the chance of getting into an accident.  The study shows that the Monday and Tuesday after we set our clocks ahead is when we risk a car accident and there's a 6% increase of workplace accidents too.  For my co-host Ken and me, it's an excuse we'll probably take advantage of :)