You read the headline and said "oh yeah", didn't you.  Yup, this week-end is Daylight Saving time! If you are still confused, think of the season, it’s SPRING ahead an hour. So, yes, we lose an hour of sleep, but on the "bright" side we gain an hour of daylight.  Another thing to remember is to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Even if they are still good, change them. That way you know they’re fresh and ready to keep your family safe.

Experts say that a change in your sleep pattern either way can mess with you, especially if you already have sleep issues.  However, they say while you may be tempted to go to bed earlier because you lose an hour, you should stick to your routine.  But what about the kids?  Experts say it takes about a week for your child's routine to adjust, try to keep that in mind and your patience in check.  Keep your daily routine consistent, that's the way children tell time when they're to young to read a clock, by what you're doing and when.

Another important thing that should be on your to-do list this weekend is to change the batteries in both your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.  Adopt the "Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery Program" then you won't ever forget.

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