I don't know if this is worthy of calling it an accomplishment or not, but I am the first soup customer of the Central Entrance Subway restaurant of this season.  (Ok it's not an accomplishment.)  And yes, I was extremely excited when I saw they had the soup out today.  What an exciting life I lead.

You could also say this extends into a new series, "Photos From My Desk." It's pretty rainy outside today, so I'm not getting out much. I did end up running to Subway to eat healthy.  I've relied a bit too much on fast food lately for lunches.

And in an almost immediate failure on healthy eating, I ordered a cup of creamy potato loaded with bacon.   Fail.

When we got to the register the sandwich artist told me she wasn't sure how to punch it in because it's the first soup order of the season, the soup just came out today.  I actually felt a bit of pride and accomplishment for being the first.  I guess I'll take it. Thank God soup season is back, oh how I've missed you.

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