Last Saturday I was supposed to do the yearly family trip to Valley Fair but rain prevented that.  Knowing the weather would be bad and that I was already going to be in the area for a Vikings game the next night, I ordered some Tim and Faith cheap seats.  A co-worker had posted on social media that they opened up some $23.00 tickets, last minute.  So I purchased 2 and figured I would surprise my girlfriend.  I know, real romantic here springing for the cheap seats.  Keep in mind she has been to plenty of concerts with great seats and even had meet and greets to man of those.  With the ever ridiculous Ticketmaster, the fees were almost as much as each ticket, so for cheap seats, I got 2 for just shy of $90.00.

I've been very fortunate to have been able to see lots of shows, so it takes quite a bit to impress me.  I'm a decent fan of Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill I could honestly take or leave.  Both were very impressive together.  They sang some songs together and then took turns each doing a few while the other would drop back or disappear completely from stage.  The downside to having two artists share the stage almost the whole night is that they did a lot of medley type mash-ups with some of their huge hits.  Cover the verses quick, hit the chorus, maybe hit it again and move to the next song.  While it lets them pack in a little more, to me it takes from the songs.  Most of the crowd seemed to love it though.

The lighting was good, with a giant screen at the back of the stage for them to be seen, or half seen from the cheap seats with speakers blocking some view.  The sound was actually pretty decent from way atop the venue, but sound is usually pretty good at Xcel Energy Center.

All in all, I would see them doing a shared show like this again if I got the cheap seats.  I'd much rather see Tim with his own full set though as I never have before.  I'm sure they will do it again though, why not when you have people actually spending money on a $10 can koozie.

Please note, that isn't a photo from the show I was at, but was from this tour.  I spared you my horrible phone shot photos.

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