I've been wanting a pair of blue tooth headphones with noise canceling capability for a while. I had actually never tried noise cancelling headphones, so I wanted to go to a brick & mortar store and check out the displays. I really didn't have a firm idea of budget when I went, but I knew I didn't want to spend much over $200.

I ended up at Best Buy at their headphone demo display. Right away one of the workers showed me the most expensive headphones: the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II first, and then the Sony WH1000M3.  Both of those were priced at 349.99.  That's steep. More than I wanted to spend.

So I went around one by one and tried to find where the difference was in price and quality. For what I could find, the best bang for the buck with sound was the Sony WH-XB900N.  They cost me $199. That was even more than I wanted to spend. But the next step cheaper Sony's were the WH-XB700.  Those didn't sound quite as good as 900's and they weren't nearly as comfortable.

It was nice to get it home and see it had easy quick set up instructions. It also came 70% charged. I've listened for hours without even charging it in the last two days. It's still at 60%.

The sound quality is very good. Some other reviews I've read has said it's had "too much bass." Funny how they say that when it says "extra bass" right on the box.

The adaptive sound settings change automatically when enabled to best suite the ambient noise around you. The noise cancelling technology is freakishly good. You do tend to slip into your own world very quickly. When you take off the headphones, it's amazing how much background noise and hums there are in a room.

The features all work as advertised. There's the quick attention feature where you hold your hand over your ear and it quiets whatever your listening to. It's a feature I kind of laughed at first, but it really does come in handy.

I hadn't even read that it can hook up to your alexa or google assistant. That's a convenient feature. Answering phone calls is super easy, and from what I hear from people on the other end, it's a good quality mic.

Are these headphones as good as the top of the line BOSE or Sony I described up above? No. But to me, they are just fine for saving that extra $150.


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