Someone decided to break into a zoo in Wisconsin by cutting the locks, and then proceeded to open multiple animal cages. Four animals ended up missing from the zoo.

According to WEAU News, four animals escaped from the zoo. Two otters and two great horned owls were reported missing. There was no indication if the animals escaped on their own or if they were stolen. It was stated that several other cages were open as well, however those animals stayed in their cages.

The incident happened Monday night at the Ochsner Zoo in Baraboo, Wisconsin. The zoo posted on their Facebook page that they will be closed Tuesday, June 7th and they apologized for the inconvenience.

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They also shared a post from the Baraboo Police Department. The department shared multiple updates over the 24 hour time period. They first posted stating that there were no dangerous animals on the loose. They also stated the four animals that were missing and reminded people that the otters are very friendly.

The department also asked people if anyone sees the missing animals or has any information, they are to contact the Baraboo Police Department via the non-emergency dispatch number (608-356-4895) and they will ensure the proper zoo personnel respond.

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