What the heck would you do with a giant Brule River Forest sign? The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is investigating the thefts involving three large wooden signs for the Brule River State Forest.

The Superior Telegram reports that the signs have probably been stolen in the last month. Park Ranger Matt macKenzie says that it would have to have been a group of people because of the size of these signs. The one that was most recently stolen was in Highland on the Corner of Sandmon Road and County Highway S. That one stands at 9 feet by 5 feet.

Another sign was taken from the mouth of the Brule River in Cloverland, Wisconsin. Then, another was taken from the St. Croix Lake Picnic Area and Palmers Boat Landing that's located in Solon Springs. They've only been up for a few months.

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You know what stinks even more? The sign in Solon Springs was built by Northwestern High School students and cost $1500.

If anyone has an idea of who took these signs, or perhaps sees one in someone's yard, you can call the DNR Tipline at 800-847-9367. You can also call the Douglas County Sheriff's office at 715-395-1371.

Is this some type of drunken prank? Kids messing around? Apparently this kind of thing happens all the time with State Forest and park signs. In face they says that in Wisconsin they end up having at least 2 signs a year stolen or damaged in Wisconsin. What a strange thing to do. What a bunch of jerks.

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