Man it's tough owning a vehicle in Superior.  It seems like a few times a year, some jerk goes around shooting out car windows.  Once again it has happened and the Superior Police Department is asking for help finding who did this.

According to the Superior Telegram, 10 incidents were reported earlier this week occuring on Monday night.  4 of those calls were on Cypress Avenue alone, and others occuring along Hammond, Baxter, Banks, and on 12th Street.  A business window was also shot out.

They've had luck catching criminals in the past.  According to assistant police chief Matt Markon, the public should reach out to the police and help.

"Information about who's doing this, who's bragging or talking about this would be very helpful," Markon said.

And remember to always call 911 if you see something taking place or see a suspicious person or vehicle.

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