In the days of online Christmas shopping, stolen packages off your porch has become a real problem. Most of us have either been a victim of this ourselves, or at least to someone we know. Well this one just takes the cake. Some jerk criminal stole a package off a porch, and then left a thank you note in it's place. This happened in St. Paul, Minnesota. The police department shared the photo along with tips to prevent your package from being stolen.

Something we do is talk to our neighbors and make sure someone is around to grab a package if we aren't home. It usually works out pretty well and we haven't had a package theft in the last couple of years. It's not always practical to be there to sign for it. Plus, I really don't know if these delivery drivers even knock on the door every time. They are so busy, they usually just drop the package and leave. It's best if you can have someone look out for your stuff. Good luck!

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