Hard Cider has been an exploding business in adult beverages.  This has been a good thing for the most part, but there have been some casualties, so let me explain.

Smith & Forge markets itself as a cider that is strong, but not too sweet.  After trying my first recently, I'm not sure it's not so sweet.  Compared to other trendy ciders out there, it is a bit more dry.   That's what I look for in a cider.  My go to has always been Strong Bow, but with the booming demand of ciders, they have changed their recipe around and made the English dry standard sweeter.  This didn't please me.

So I started the quest for a new.  So far, my best option now is the Smith & Forge.  It does have a decent balance and it doesn't give you the sweet bite in the back of your mouth like some of the other more popular brands have.

I'm looking for a good quality dry cider, and this isn't quite it yet.  Although it is good enough I'll recommend you to try it.

I have to admit though that they do have some pretty solid marketing with hilarious commercials.