I don't think anyone doubts that Governor Mark Dayton will sign this bill.  Synthetic drugs have been targeted for awhile and I think this type of legislation will become standard.  They key to this bill is that new chemicals can be added to the bill over time, so as new synthetics get created, they can quickly become illegal to sell.  That means places like Duluth's Last Place On Earth may find it difficult to work around this bill and sell synthetics.

What are your thoughts on synthetic drugs and this bill?

In an 64 to 0 vote, the Minnesota Senate has sent a bill to Governor Mark Dayton's Desk, strengthening the states power against synthetic drugs.

If Dayton decides to make the bill law, business owners, like those who run Duluth's Last Place on Earth will face prison time for selling synthetic drug alternatives.

Carlson said today that he will be speaking with his legal team on whether this bill is strong enough to prevent these alternative drug sales.

The reality of this bill is that dealers in synthetic drugs can face up to five years in prison, starting August 1st.

The bill makes sales of synthetic drugs a felony, re-categorizes the substance as a schedule one drug and according to State Senator Roger Reinert, most importantly, gives the board of pharmacy the power to add chemicals to the illegal list.

"So instead of waiting for the part time legislature to reconvene in another year and add more things to the statue that are illegal that are really just changes in formula that we've already outlawed, the state board of pharmacy can do that."

via Senate Passes Synthetics Bill 64-0 | Northland's NewsCenter: News, Weather, Sports | NBC, CBS, MyNetworkTV, and The CW for Duluth MN / Superior WI | Local News.

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