I've talked about how The Office has run it's course last year, and about how the show needed to be wrapped up.  Let me just say that "The Office" is my favorite TV show and I've loved every season of it.  It is the only show that weekly has made me laugh out loud.  And tomorrow, we say goodbye.  It's going to be tough, but here's what I'd like to see.

Bravo to the writers of the office.   Doing Dwight & Angela's wedding is the perfect scene for us to reunite and say goodbye to some characters along the way.

1.  Michael Scott.  He made the office what it was.  He was the star that got the ball rolling and made us laugh while they developed other characters.  Without him in the finale would have been insulting to us.  We know he will be there in a cameo role (probably at Dwight's wedding.... best man maybe?)  Steve Carell didn't want to hog the show on the finale, he already got his goodbye with his season 7 episode.

2.  Dwight & Angela's wedding.  We already see a glimpse of the bachelor party, involving shooting bazooka's and ordering an onion loaf from our favorite Scranton stripper.  The wedding will surely be awkward with it being Dwights.  I'm curious to see if Jim will be in the wedding party.  My guess is yes.

3.  Mose.  He's got to be there.  It wouldn't be Schrute Farms without Mose.

4.  Athlede.  I'd like to see Jim & Daryl's businness doing well.   I like happy endings, and I would like to see Jim out of Dunder Miffiln and following his dream.  I hope they write that in.

5.  Final jab at Toby.  We gotta get another punch in at Toby.  He's been laying low the last few episodes, but everyone's favorite punching bag needs another dissapointing blow.  It would be great if it was from Michael.

6.  Jan.  For as much of a part of the show she was, I think she should also have a cameo.

7.  Ryan & Kelly.  Although they left at the beginning of the season, we hope to see them continue in some way they're unhealthy relationship.  Maybe it will rekindle at the wedding.

8.  Todd Packer.  The guy we love to hate.  A few more inappropriate jokes to send us off.

9.  Gabe returns.  Gabe was on for a few seasons and was the butt of many jokes.  I'd like to see him back for a cameo as well.

I know it's a lot to ask for, and I'm sure the writers will do a good job.  I'll be tuning in for the special that airs an hour before the finale.   I'll share with you my thoughts on the finale Friday morning.


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