For some, it's a time of happiness, graduation from college!  Packing up, moving home, or maybe moving away to start that new job and the next leg of your journey.  Whatever the case may be, your mind has a lot to think about right now.  That's why I thought I would pass along a reminder that may save you money if you plan on moving in the next few weeks.

As the college year nears the end, and students are moving out of their rentals for the summer, it is important to remember to discontinue utility services before you move.

It is strongly advised that college students (or anyone moving) make arrangements to stop the natural gas, water and sewer services in their name at least two weeks before the planned move-out date. If you are a subscriber of the City of Duluth/Comfort Systems for utilities, it is a simple call to 218-730-4050. That call ahead of time will allow customers to avoid the long lines that can occur at this busy time of year. And, it gives the utility provider time to make the final meter reading and determine an accurate move-out bill. The final bill won’t be a surprise, and customers will make sure they only pay for the utilities they consumed.

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