I received my monthly utilities bill from Superior Water, Light, and Power company yesterday, and along with it came a pamphlet notifying customers about proposed changes. 

In order to change rates, SWLP needs to petition the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.  They've requested an overall rate increase of 3.13%.  That rate increase is broken down as a 3.46% increas in electric rates, a 7.83% increase in water rates, and a 1.34% decrease in gas rates.

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin will ultimately determine that rate changes after a review and public hearings.  The rate changes would take place in 2017.

The rate increases are proposed for several new projects to strengthen the aging infrastructure.  Water mains are going to be replaced along Belknap, a new electric switching station at Winter Street substation, and investments to the transmission line.

For more information on the proposed rate changes, customers can visit the Superior Water Light & Power Company website.

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