There are few celebrities that we allow into our hearts.  Robin Williams was one of them.  He felt like family, and we grieve his loss more than just another celebrity dying.  With it appearing that he took his own life, it makes it even more heartbreaking.  It's another sad instance where a comedian (and more) fought a battle his entire life under the surface.

Last night I posted to social media the following:

Here's a man that could make everyone happy but himself.  He's struggled with depression during his life, and it eventually killed him.  It's sadly the case with many comedians and entertainers.  On stage they are fun, entertaining, and the life of the party.  When the party is over and they are alone, they often sit in silence and feel empty.  The laughs fill the void.

I can't say this is exactly what Robin's problem was,  but I'm guessing I'm not far off.  I've fought depression as well.  I haven't really mentioned that much, but news like this really hits close to home.  I know what it's like to feel hopeless and suicidal.  It's the feeling that nothing matters and there is no reason to live.   I've been there.  I had some pretty traumatic events happen when I was young, and I've used humor as a coping mechanism.  It's not a cure, the only way to truly address the problem is to get help. I got help when I was a teenager and made it through.   Here's the kicker though, it can come back.

So when things like this happen to a comedian or entertainer it's scary.

Here's a couple of links that could help you if you need them, or bookmark them for a loved one as well.

On a last note, here is a movie I'm going to need to see again.  It's too soon though for me, but it will be part of the grieving progress.  The movie addresses suicide, life after death, and the meaning of relationships.  It's haunting now.


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