The weather this spring has bounced above and below freezing and with another colder weekend ahead, there may be misconceptions about ice safety across the Northland.  The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says don't get fooled into going out on the ice.  

According to the DNR, public safety officials have reported more than a half-dozen ice emergencies across the state involving anglers and ATV riders breaking through thin or weak ice during the past week alone.  There have also been five ice-related fatalities already reported during the 2017-2018 ice season.

The DNR states:

Many of the state’s lakes are still ice-covered, but changing conditions mean lakes can go from ice-covered to open water over the course of a day or two. As the sun gains strength with the onset of spring, ice conditions can change dramatically within a matter of hours even when the air temperature remains cold.

In a nutshell, a cold snap this time of year does not change the fact that ice has already begun, and will continue to deteriorate and it's better to be safe than sorry.

Follow the link below for ice safety tips.



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