It's like an ending you would find in a movie or book.  A body is found at Twin Ponds in Duluth that helps to solve a 34 year old mystery.  The Officer that began working on that case is retiring and one of his last duties will be returning the 17 year old murder victim's personal belongings.

The difference between a movie or book and this case is that many of us remember when it happened.  We lived in the area and were baffled at Carolyn Andrew's disappearance.   In 2009, Duluth Police Lieutenant Scott Drewlo and BCA Agent Jerry Koneczny began working on the cold case. They recently solved this tragic case after 34 years.

Lt. Drewlo will be retiring on April 29 of this year and since he has so much invested in this case, both professionally and personally, he wanted to be the one to fly to Tennessee to give Carolyn's parents personal belongings that were recovered at the crime scene years ago.  Clothing, a tube of lipstick, a comb and a small bag of quarters which Carolyn's parents gave to her prior to leaving her house on the night of her murder.  The quarters were given to her by her parents to use at the arcade.  Delivering the items to TN will be Lt. Drewlo's last professional law enforcement duty.

He left this morning on a Cirrus Aircraft.  They volunteered their services to fly him to Tennessee, where Carolyn’s parents live, to make the emotional delivery and put closure to this case for both himself and Carolyn's parents.

We appreciate Lt. Drewlo's time, dedicated attention and relentlessness determination to close this case after so many years and wish him well in his retirement.

Info: DPD Press Release

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