Scammers are getting more and more advanced and that includes those in the Northland. The Duluth Police Department is warning residents of a new scam that has hit the area.

According to a post made on their Facebook page Thursday (February 13th), they have received a handful of reports from residents, claiming they've received a call from the DPD's general phone line. The person on the other end claims to be from the department.

Here's how they describe the scam:

We've received two reports today of individuals calling and claiming to be the Duluth Police Department from the phone number 218-730-5400, which is the DPD general line. If you receive a call from that number and are suspicious, do not provide personal information. Hang up and call the number back to verify the validity of the number.

Interesting! We don't know what the person on the other end of the line was saying or trying to accomplish but it is scary that technology is so advanced now this could even happen.

Like the Duluth Police Department says, hang up if you receive a call from the number listed and you have reason to be suspicious. You can always call the general line from your phone, ensuring it isn't a scammer.

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