OMG!!! Really, I thought we were done with this. I think Favre is going to stay in shape every year and never really retire just to keep the comback talk alive.

The Bears haven't contacted Favre, but the source said the 42-year-old quarterback has been working out and keeping his body in shape. A phone call to Bears general manager Jerry Angelo wasn't immediately returned.

While some don't want to extinguish the eternal flame attached to Favre's NFL career, all indications point to No. 4 staying in Hattiesburg for the balance of the 2011 season and beyond.

For starters, the Bears remain committed to Caleb Haine, despite him throwing six interceptions in the previous two weeks. Devin Hester said Monday that bringing in a veteran QB at this point is a "waste of time." Coach Love Smith also made it clear he's willing to stick with in-house options that include Hanie, Josh McCown and Nathan Enderle.

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