It was an incredible start to the season with a high powered offense that took off and showed promise. I remember the excitement and thrill when we marched down the field in an explosive fashion. Maybe this Cousins experiment was going to work out after all! Then came a disappointing loss to the Packers. We saw some areas in that game we could work on.

Next week, we destroy the Raiders. Yes, we are back on track! This team has playoff potential! Then, yesterday happened. I JUST CAN'T EVEN.

How does a team that can look so good at times completely fall apart? One week we look like a high performance machine just shredding apart the competition. Then yesterday we were a blooper reel of mistakes. Complete collapse. Nothing worked.

We got beat by the Bears back up QB.  Sure, we held them to 16 points. That's not terrible, but considering our offense only got two possessions in one half, we sure let their offense eat up the clock.

There was a lack of urgency in the offense that somehow showed up in the last 4 minutes of the game. Why did we wait to rush this thing until the game was over?

You can't completely blame Cousins for this. He clearly does his best when he's just slinging the football in a hurry up offense. Maybe that should just be the plan from here out. The offensive line did a horrendous job. The Bears had key players out on their defense, but still manage to keep tons of pressure on Cousins.

So that brings me to the headline that our season is over. Why would I say that after 4 games? Because I have no faith in a team that can be this bad in one game. We are in a tough division, and in last place. Even if we could miraculously get to 1st place or even a wild card slot, this team cannot handle the pressure that the post season brings. Even when we looked our best back in 2017, we all saw what happened. This team just can't figure out how to consistently play at the same level.

What needs to change for next year? I guess we should treat the rest of this season as "play to see who keeps their job."


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