Years ago it was not uncommon to see a toothbrush holder in the bathroom with the family's toothbrush standing at attention around one cup that everyone would use when they wanted a drink of water or to rinse their mouth when brushing their teeth.  Plain and simple, that. is. gross.  Did your family do that, do they still?

Lucky for me, I had the snoopy electronic toothbrush, so my toothbrush wasn't kept with the others.  By the time I was brushing my teeth, my mom was on the Dixie cup kick and had done away with the shared glass.  Although, then our bathroom garbage can overflowed with Dixie cups.  The cups were tiny, about 3 ounces and our holder hung on the wall.  More recently, the holders I've seen hold the cups upside down and sits on the counter.

My question is:  are families going back to the old method of a shared glass?  Because I haven't seen Dixie cups or Dixie cup holders in the stores very much anymore.  Is it because people have gone green and don't want all those cups in our landfills?

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