My husband and I were listening to Taste of Country on our way home last night and they were talking about a $200+ electric toothbrush.  It sparked a fond memory of my Snoopy Electric Toothbrush I had as a child.  As I mentioned this to my husband, he looked at me in disbelief and exclaimed that HE HAD ONE TOO!  Do you remember them?

We have to time travel back to the 70's for the beloved Snoopy Electric Toothbrush.  Mine was EXACTLY like the one in the picture with the red doghouse roof, only mine also had dried toothpaste marks on it.  Snoopy's body was the handle and the on/off switch was on the back.  I loved that thing!   which was super-cool because it came with a doghouse that held the brushes and a giant Snoopy who was the handle.

I think it either broke and my mom wouldn't buy me another one or I outgrew it, but what a great memory!  My husband and I were both huge fans, were you?  Did you remember this ad?