The Minnesota DNR regularly reminds everyone about the dangers of going out on any ice and that we should never assume it's safe.  Now that kids are about to be out on Christmas break, they want to make sure we share ice safety tips with them too.

Kids will be out playing and there are random ponds and other bodies of water all over the Northland.  The DNR highly recommends talking to your kids about these ice safety guidelines:

  • Always wear a life jacket on the ice (except when in a vehicle).
  • When a child is near the ice, an adult should be near the child.
  • Stay off ponds, streams, and other bodies of water.
  • A thin coating of ice on a pond or lake does not mean it is safe. Don't risk it.

The following ice thickness guidelines are a great reminder to us all:

  • 4 inches for ice fishing or other activities on foot.
  • 5-7 inches for a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle.
  • 8-12 inches for a car or small pickup.
  • 12-15 inches for a medium truck.
  • Double these minimums for white or ice covered with heavy snow.

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