It's sad that our local Chambers of Commerce work so hard to promote our local businesses and someone with fraudulent intentions comes along and tries to use them to unjustly gain monetarily.   That has happened to our Superior Douglas Chamber of Commerce and they want to warn local businesses.

Just because it happened in Superior, WI it doesn't mean that businesses in Minnesota are exempt.  Any local owner whether of a big or small business needs to be cognoscente of what can happen if they don't keep their guard up.

Kudos to the  Superior Douglas Chamber of Commerce for getting the word out on the most recent scam.  A business in our area had received an email from a company called Superior Business Recognition stating that they had been chosen by the Chamber as Machine Shop of the Year and they were told to go to a website to see the award.  This website is a fraud and in actuality they want you to purchase the award.  So they get your money and you never get the award.  I tried to look this company up on line and couldn't find any information on them.

The business owner that received the email smartly contacted the Chamber office to make check to see if it was legit and found that it was not.  The Superior Douglas Chamber of Commerce wants you to know that they are in no way associated with nor have they authorized this company, Superior Business Recognition to contact their members.  It's good practice, especially if you have a funny feeling about something is to contact the whomever they are saying nominated you and confirm it.

Info via:  Superior Douglas Chamber of Commerce

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