So I've been talking on air quite a bit about how this year we are frying a turkey for thanksgiving.  I've even shared safety tips about how to do it properly.  Still, some people are stuck in the roasted turkey corner.  Here's my last ditch effort to convince you to come over to the fried turkey side.

1.  It seriously is so much more moist!  Biggest complaint about turkey in general is that it can get dry.  Not to mention when you roast it, you have to keep basting juices over it.  Not with a deep fried turkey!  The hot oil locks in the juices and it is so moist and tender!  Really!

2.  Cooking Time.  A 13 pound turkey will take roughly 4 1/2 - 5 hours roasting in the oven.  WITH prep time, a 13 pound fried turkey will take just over an hour.  Actual cooking time:  Roughly 40 minutes.

3.  It's not greasy!  People think that since it's deep fried that it will taste like fried chicken, all greasy and whatever.  It's not greasy at all!

4.  You can drink beer while you fry it!  Obviously don't be drunk... you need to be safe.  But having one or two beers in the yard while the rest of your family is inside yelling at each other is priceless.

5.  William Shatner says so.  Yep, William Shatner is a huge fan of fried turkey's.  So much so that last year he starred in a safety video on deep frying a turkey.  Check it out so you can safely fry the best turkey you've ever tasted.

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