A wild incident happened in a Wisconsin apartment after authorities were called to subdue a wild turkey breaking into a second-story apartment.

Some are calling this at-home break-in "fowl" play. This isn't the first time police in Wisconsin were called to subdue a wild turkey. Earlier this year, a wild turkey decided to take his chances to cross the busy I-94 as cars had to slow down and eventually come to a stop during rush hour. That took officers about 30 minutes to remove the bird.

Over in Wausau, Wisconsin at the City Walk Apartments, a resident at the building felt something suspicious was happening when they noticed a broken window on a second-story apartment. According to WSAW, the resident called the apartment manager who then had maintenance check it out.

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When maintenance opened the apartment door and saw the turkey, they called the police station for animal control. Officers arrived on the scene and shared their body cam footage of the capture.

Wausau Police Department Patrol Captain Todd Baeten stated he was proud of how the officers handled the situation and that it shows how adaptable the department is. He continued by stating they did their best to keep the bird from any harm using long gloves and a fishing net to capture the wild bird.

My favorite part of the video was when an officer said, "it's a turkey, not a tiger". The WPD had an encounter with a deer last year as shown in the video as well. This year they got a to wrestle with a turkey.

No word on if the turkey will face charges for breaking and entering. All in all, hats off to the department for handling that wild situation. Check out the video below:

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