Most of us has heard the age old joke, why did the chicken cross the road? Has anyone heard the turkey joke remix?

A wild turkey decided to take his chances to cross the busy I-94 as cars had to slow down and eventually come to a stop during rush hour.  The Milwaukee County Sherriff department raced to the scene, that apparently took over 30 minutes to remove the bird.

A DNR Wildlife Biologist, Nathan Holoubek offered some insight on the incident to Fox6. He said:

As snow leaves, they start moving around a little more and leaving their main wintering areas. They see vehicles every day, and they essentially don’t see them as a threat. They can get freaked out, run into traffic, instead of running away from traffic and then you just want to watch out for yourself, your own safety

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The turkey could have been looking for food or just wanted to go on a nice stroll. The best thing you can do is slow down if you do see a turkey wondering on the roads. After all, they are curious animals. It's also not the first time a wild turkey tried to cross I-94. WisDOT cameras caught a one wandering on I-94 near 68th Street about a week ago.

My favorite part of the most recent video is you see a person with net getting close to the turkey and then the turkey was like "nope" and ran the other direction. Check it out below:

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