Who doesn't love a good reality television show? I can't lie. I love a lot of them and Summer House on Bravo is one of my very favorites.

The premise of the show is as follows: a group of single, attractive New Yorkers rent a house in the Hamptons for a few months every summer. Drama, love triangles, breakups, romance and more are just a few of the things that happen - in one episode!

One of the mainstay cast members is named Luke Gulbranson and he actually happens to be from Eveleth. He debuted on the show a few seasons back and while he isn't on every episode this season, he is still a main cast member.

He is a very proud Minnesotan and spends a lot of time here when he isn't in New York. Not only does he represent our state with his classic Minnesota mannerisms on television but he also represents by rocking Minnesota sports gear!

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Sports fans will love this, as it is exactly what he did on the most recent episode of the show. The episode, which aired Monday (April 18th), is called "Pre-Nope" and features the group hanging out in the kitchen when they arrive at the house for the last weekend of summer.

I spotted a very familiar logo while watching the scene: a Minnesota Twins logo! The scene in question happens near the end of the episode around the thirty minute mark. For a very brief moment, you can see Luke's hat in full.

I knew I recognized the logo the second I saw it. It is a blue hat with a red "M" on it in true Twins fashion. He doesn't talk about the hat but seeing it on national television is pretty cool! You can watch the episode online and see it for yourself.

It was a short appearance for the Minnesota Twins logo but like I said, it is still cool to see a reality star from not just Minnesota but the Northland. By the way, in the same scene he says that he reads all of his messages on social media so you can talk to him about it if you please. Ha!

If you need a good, easy watch in your life, you will love Summer House. This season alone has brought so many laughs and so much drama. Check out the trailer for this season but note that there is a lot of bad language so be aware.

Summer House airs on Monday nights. It's always a blast to watch and see Luke on screen. Last summer, he even brought a taste of reality television to Eveleth when he brought a few famous faces to the small town to celebrate the Fourth of July!

He really is a proud Minnesotan through and through. I can't wait to watch him for the rest of the season! He is also an actor and jewelry designer.

You may not know this but there's another famous reality star from Minnesota. Dakota Laden of Destination Fear was born and raised in Minnesota and I had the chance to talk to him after he came to Duluth for a paranormal convention.

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