I am absolutely devastated that I missed this! A bunch of famous reality stars spent the fourth of July holiday in none other than Eveleth, Minnesota.

If you watch any reality shows on Bravo, you will definitely recognize this group of friends. The group hanging in northern Minnesota includes Luke from Summer House. Craig and Austin from Southern Charm were also in attendance.

This may seem random but Luke is actually from Eveleth so it is likely that he was hanging out there for the holiday and invited some of his famous friends to come along!

They really got into the spirit during the fourth of July holiday in Eveleth. They shared photos of themselves watching fireworks and walking down the street with the town's annual holiday parade in the background.

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My favorite of the content posted is the one where Craig is walking down a crowded street dancing and hanging with those watching the parade. Craig himself shared photos of their holiday weekend on his Instagram account.

He tagged his location as Eveleth, which is cool! If you look at it, you can see a bunch of excited fans that snapped pictures with the reality stars. They probably did a double take when they saw all three of them walking on the streets in their small town!

As mentioned, Luke is actually from Eveleth, Minnesota. He spends quite a bit of time in the area when he is not filming for Summer House during the summertime in New York. He often shares photos of him hanging out in Northern Minnesota.

Around the fourth of July holiday, Luke even shared a photo of himself repping a cover band from the Iron Range. If you ever watch Summer House, you know how much he loves Minnesota and where he came from. He even has a jewelry line inspired by his home state.

Like I said, I am upset that I didn't see them hanging out in Eveleth on social media or I would have driven there to try to catch them in person. Maybe they will be there next year. This time I will be prepared!

By the way, Summer House is a show about a group of friends who spend summers in the Hamptons in a house together. Southern Charm is about a group of friends who lives in Charleston. Both shows are dramatic and very entertaining.

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