This marks the beginning of the BEST time of the year! Halloween is just 80-something days away and Fall is nearly here.

With that, rumor has spread that everyone's favorite - Pumpkin Spice - will be back VERY soon.

According to a few reports, there is a secret group on Facebook, appropriately named the Leaf Rakers Society, made for lovers of all things fall. (Why am I not in this group?)

Apparently, a barista or two has shared the news with members that ingredients needed for the pumpkin spice latte are already starting to arrive at different Starbucks locations.

Members of said secret group claim that the magical drink will re-emerge on the menu on one of two dates: August 26th or August 28th. Starbucks hasn't commented or issued an official release date for the fall-like flavor.

Other media outlets claim that photos of the special flavor have surfaced on Reddit, although employees at Starbucks have been told to hold off on using them for now.

In the past, PSL has appeared on the menu in late August or early September. If the rumors are true, it looks like the drink will be bestowed upon us sooner than we thought, since we are still feeling very much like summer for once.

The earliest ever launch of the flavor was on August 26th so it's safe to say we probably won't see it before then. The latest? September 8th.

I guess we will have to wait a few weeks to see but now I am amped. Hello Fall!

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