As the United States Congress met Wednesday to certify the results of the 2020 Presidential election, protesters gathered and eventually entered the Capitol as security worked to evacuate members of Congress.

President-elect Joe Biden appeared on TV, condemning what he called chaos at the Capitol. He also called on President Trump to ask for the protesters to peacefully go home.

Shortly after Biden's statement, President Trump released a video where he expressed sympathy for the sentiment of frustration with what he called a "stolen election", but called for the protesters to peacefully go home.

UPDATE: The video released by President Trump was removed later Wednesday afternoon.

Much of Minnesota and Wisconsin's Congressional delegation communicated via social media about the incident, including Minnesota 8th District's Pete Stauber and Wisconsin 7th District's Tom Tiffany.

Stauber called for prayer for the Capitol Police and respect for law and order, while Tiffany quoted a tweet about the US Capitol Police with a message about peaceful protest being a protected right, but calling violence unacceptable.

Images coming from the Capitol via social media and media photographers include people climbing the Capitol, crowds standing off with law enforcement, and individuals inside the Capitol taking selfies and waving flags. Here are some visuals from the Capitol:

PHOTOS: Scene at U.S. Capitol shows chaos and violence

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