Yesterday was a pretty big day for the Northland. President Joe Biden returned to Superior, Wisconsin to give a speech highlighting the results of what he calls a bipartisan infrastructure bill. The bill includes one billion dollars for the replacement of the Blatnik Bridge that connects Duluth, Minnesota, and Superior, Wisconsin.

Air Force One landed at the Duluth International Airport. The President's motorcade then made its way to Earth Rider Brewing in Superior, Wisconsin where Biden made his speech. He visited the Blatnik Bridge in 2022 as part of a trip to Superior with Senator Tammy Baldwin. He came back just days after the funding was announced for the Blatnik Bridge.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

Last night, Jimmy Fallon made some jokes about Biden's visit to Superior.

First, Jimmy says SOOO-perior, which is a pet peeve of mine, but we'll get past that.

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Joke 1 - Biden's speech in Superior was okay - According to the Wisconsin cheese scale - not that sharp.

Ok Jimmy, not bad. Easy cheese joke from the cheese state. It got a pretty good laugh during his monologue.

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Joke 2 - Biden visited Superior Wisconsin, not the next town over Inferior Wisconsin, they were like of course not, we suck.

Meh, that joke was ok.

Jimmy then moved on from the Biden visit joking that he visited Wisconsin to talk about infrastructure, while here in New York we have potholes so deep you can wave at Satan.

Maybe Duluth has something in common with New York after all?

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I couldn't find Jimmy's monologue including the jokes online, but I did record it on my phone when it happened. Sorry for the poor quality, but at least you'll hear Jimmy's delivery.

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